About MAHE Alumni

Right from 1953 when the first of students came to study in Manipal, over a lakh of students have graduated and left the portals of this great University. Memories of the good old days in Manipal are strongly etched in the mind of the alumni.

For those who have seen Dr.T.M.A. Pai, the founder, nurture and shape this education hub in the beginning, and for those who have been associated with different institutions affiliated to different universities, and for those others who have been associated with institutions affiliated to Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) since 1993, the years spent on this campus is an unforgettable experience.

Manipal's alumni are all over the globe. And they are not just from medicine and engineering, but from other institutions of the University, which today has over 30, 000 students from 59 countries with off-campus in Mangalore and Bangalore, and off-shore campus in Dubai (UAE) and Melaka (Malaysia). It is the endeavor of the Alumni Relations of MAHE to bring all our Alumni on one platform to create a global group of Manipalites. We at Manipal are working towards creating opportunities to network, share nostalgic moments, help your juniors and be partner in the growth of your Alma Mater.

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Institute of Eminence

This title has been given to those institutes to recognise their efforts in various fields that contribute to providing premier education. The chosen institutes shall be supervised differently from other universities and will be given incentives to help them achieve ‘world-class’ status in a reasonable period.


Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE) will be provided with full academic and administrative freedom. As of now, the other private and public institutions have to seek approval from the UGC (University Grants Commission) of India before making changes in the curriculum or start a new course, MAHE, now recognised as an institute of eminence by the government will have the freedom to do so on its own hence gaining flexibility in altering the curriculum.


While the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry will fund the three public institutions in the next five years under this scheme, MAHE belonging to the private sector will not be eligible for government funding although will be able to access the public funds for research purposes.


MAHE will be eligible to hire foreign faculty, provide admission to international students and collaborate with universities abroad without having to consult the government. The fee structure can also be modulated for the international students without any restriction.


The tag is given with the sole purpose of helping the institute reach the standards of a ‘world-class’ institute and to enter into academic collaboration with the top 500 in the world ranking without the permission of the UGC.

MAHE has over 28,000 students from 57 different nations along with 2500 faculty and almost 10000 other support and service staff. Consisting of sister campuses in Jaipur and Sikkim and off-campuses in Dubai, Malaysia, Mangalore and Bangalore, the institute offers various courses that cater to a wide variety of students. As of now, it is not clear as to how the distribution of funds, recruitment of international faculty and the admission of international students will take place considering its vast global presence.

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